Cotemar Mexico The Proverbial Oil For Brazilian Oil Industry

Mining of oil is contributes greatly to the economy of Mexico. With companies such as Cotemar behind it, there is nothing that this industry cannot achieve. This company has been operational for nearly four decades. When Cotemar first started, they used to offer accommodation and catering services only. However, over the years, the company has expanded, both in terms of service portfolio and the number of assets owned.


Since Cotemar started, thy have seen a year-in-year out growth. In the year 1985, just 6 years after the company had been established, they expanded to build a world-class hotel that would offer food and lodging services to employees in the oil industry. For the next one decade, the company strived to improve the quality of their services while expanding their service areas. Some eleven years later, they were offering transportation services. By that time, they had managed to add specialized vessels to their fleet. They also had five rigs now.


Working at Cotemar

Working at Cotemar is one of the best experiences. If you love fine dining, that is exactly what you get. You get to try some of the most scrumptious world cuisines. In addition, their remuneration is something that keeps their employees motivated at all times. The Cotemar staff prides itself in working for a company that cares about their wellbeing. Cotemar upholds the highest standards of safety so that their employees are not injured when working. Jobs available at Cotemar include catering, engineering, construction and cleaning jobs. Currently, the company has over 10,000 employees in their payroll, operating their 3 plus vessels.



Cotemar has various types of vessels. They have vessels that transport employees to and fro work. They also have vessels that contain special equipment to transport food and drinks. This way, their food and drinks are able to reach their various clients while still fresh. Cotemar also utilizes specialized vessels which are involved in firefighting and dealing with oil spills. Their main services include transportation, construction of offshore facilities, food and accommodation and marine support services.


Cotemar has been serving PEMEX, a leading government owned oil company. PEMEX was the largest private oil company before it was declared that all oil mining activities were to be owned the government. Cotemar continues to serve the company to date. They help in modernizing their rigs and provide their employees with everything they need to be productive at work.

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