Every man thrives in his field of expertise and Arthur Becker is no exception. He does well in the investment world where he ensures that his investments gain him more wealth. Arthur is the managing member of Madison Partners; an investment firm with focus on real estate and bio technology. Prior to joining the organization he was the chief executive officer of Zinio which is the biggest digital newsstand in the world. Arthur has also served as the adviser of Vera Wang fashion for a period of seven years and this gained him recognition in the market. He has also been a private investor in real estate and technology which has also increased his wealth as a result. From his previous experiences he has ventured into real state and technology which gave him an insight into both sectors.

In addition to the above Arthur Becker (see, has also in the past taken part in the fashion industry by helping his ex-wife make her fashion business into a great empire all over the world. According to, he helped her focus on running her fashion business which dealt in bridal fashion and due to the publicity and technology contributed by Becker the brand became a success.

Mr. Arthur lives a comfortable life which is greatly contributed by the wealth he created. This is clearly manifested by the luxurious three bedroom apartment that he pays 30,000 dollars per month. The property is stylish and better as compared to his former apartment that he shared with his ex-wife Wang in the past. Based on research, this property is one of the most expensive and stylish buildings in New York. Besides possessing this luxurious house he is also prides owning three houses which are in close proximity in Sullivan Street. His ownership was courtesy of his stake in condominium development project. He told the Real Deal that the three houses were his reward for taking part in the investment. An important lesson from this successful businessman is that strategic investments have a reward. The real estate sector seems like a good investment sector that has earned him huge returns.