UKV PLC – Fine Wine For Connoisseurs

UKV PLC is a wine retail and counseling company based in the United Kingdom. The company has a large team of experts that are ready to provide their counseling help. The consultants help customers to decide what kind of wine or champagne will best suit the occasion and the catering. There are phone call consultations as well as private ones during which the client can meet with the consultant in person. The customer is always welcome at the offices of the UKV PLC company.

UKV PLC operates while utilizing a broad spectrum of supply chains because it is an independent company. UKV PLC does business in conjunction with a worldwide network of merchants, brokers, and traders. That enable UKV PLC to offer a catalogue of wine and champagne. The company sources products of high quality, special drinks, and those that are most exquisite to the taste. The fine wine and champagne have been carefully sourced to ensure the integrity and the high standard of the products.

UKV PLC does not only source wine and champagne, but the company also welcomes brokers who get in contact and are able to offer investment grade wine as long as the product is within the UK regulated bond. The brokerage service that UKV PLC offer has been a significant part of their business. It allows the company to create even tighter bonds with the brokerage network for the product.

The company is also a retailer of wine and champagne glasses made of the finest glass. They also offer state of the art decanters and other accessories.

On the website of UKV PLC, there is a catalogue of fine wine and champagne. There are Burgundy and Bordeaux, Italian and Spanish wine, as well as a variety of champagne. The additional information about ordering and delivery can also be found on the website.

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