EOS Started Their Business with Lip Balm

Many people are now familiar with the brand EOS from the variety o personal care products that they have available from sale including hand lotions, skin care, and others. EOS lip balm has a humble history beginning as a startup selling lip balm only about eight years ago.

EOS began their business without any prior experience in the lip balm industry. Their founders had significant experience in manufacturing companies working for some of the largest global manufacturing companies in the world. They noticed that many of the competitors that they would be facing in the lip balm mark had not significantly changed their products to meet the tastes of customers. This provided them with a real opportunity in the industry.

When interviewing customers who bought lip balm; EOS discovers a lack of enthusiasm for the lip balms that they were buying. Lip balm was not perceived by customers as something they were interested in or excited about and was rather a product that they used because they needed it. Lip balms were therefore dull and uncreative and didn’t have a variety of flavors.

EOS started by making lip balm blends that were interesting and compelling to customers. Unlike the flavors created by Chapstick, the largest competition in the lip balm world, the flavors o EOS did not taste like medicine. EOS sold flavors like strawberry sorbet while Chapstick sold original and medicated flavors. Many customers were attracted to EOS on Walgreens and Lucky Vitamin drug stores for the sheer variety of flavors and the fact that they didn’t taste like a medication.

EOS created fun applicators with bright colors in these unique orbs that customers saw as fun and practical. This unique container helped to set EOS lip balm (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html) apart from their competitors and many customers saw the brand as the bright new entrant into the market. The success of EOS started with these strategies in lip balm and quickly migrated into other products.