Richard Mishaan Design Teams up To Teach Interior Design Work!

The world is full of fascinating events and New York City hosts more than their fair share of them. Every year, for the past 45 years, the top designers in the world have come to the Big Apple in order to show off their skills on a specially chosen building. This year there is a $25 million townhouse, designed by architect Christopher Platt, that will be the home for our designers. Important names in the industry such as Richard Mishaan Designs as well as the team at Lichten Craig, showcase their skills while also helping designers at home learn from their work. This year’s theme? Common mistakes. Let’s dig in!


As it turns out, there are a ton of ways to design a room and most of them are probably not going to look very good. That’s okay, though. Learning is part of the process. That’s why so many professional designers are here to impart their wisdom upon you. Joan Craig, a partner at Lichten Craig, advises people to take a long look at their home before jumping headfirst into a project. Craig points out, “An apartment on the 28th floor of a Miami tower is never going to look like a Tuscan villa, a log cabin or country house.” Craig isn’t being dismissive of your hopes and dreams, merely pointing out that a realistic approach can be the key to long term success with the satisfaction you have with your home.


Jonathan Savage, a designer from Nashville, points out a common mistake that is unique to men: they opt for the bigger options available. Savage advises, “Look at the space where you are placing this piece and make sure it fits correctly.” Along those same lines we see that Richard Mishaan has a piece of direction unique to men as well: don’t be afraid to showcase your unique possessions. Too often we collect these neat objects from our travels before shoving them straight into the closet or the attic. Show them off, let them be a conversation starter! You can read more about Richard Mishaan’s design work in any of his published works, or check out his website for inspiration in designing your own space.


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