Quick Tips and Party Planning: Why Stress Over A Good Time?

Planning parties can be a real challenge, especially as the guest list starts swelling into the dozens. But the point of a party is to have a good time and at no point should you be so overwhelmed with stress that it’s impossible to enjoy yourself. The key is staying organized from the beginning and knowing when to call in help.


Organization can seem as intimidating as the party itself to those who aren’t used to employing such tactics. So here’s a simple place to start, create a master to-do list, one where each large task is listed, and then you create a smaller to-do list for each task. At that point, you’ll have things broken down to such a degree that it’ll be a simple matter of going through the steps. You’ll want to have high-level lists like a shopping list, and a guest list, but the guest list will contain further lists such as dietary restraints, contact information, and RSVP’s.


Themes can also help organize things a bit better, as a theme helps to refine down what you’re shopping for and creates a baseline for decorations. For instance, it can determine what the invites are going to look like, and believe us when we say you should send them out by snail mail, and use email for last minute confirmations. These are just a couple of the ways you can start making your event a little easier.


Of course, the ultimate party planning secret is hiring someone to help you with all the details. Look at corporate event planners in NYC like Twenty Three Layers, who have a team of minds that are creative and excited to be working with you. Whether you’re looking for something formal or whimsical, experts like these will take out all the guesswork and create an incredible evening for you and your guests. They can provide everything from floral design and photography to entertainment and catering. Every last detail, all tied up in one company, and one phone call to get it all started. Why not let yourself enjoy your big day by contacting the premier among event planning companies in NYC, dial 646.837.5902 today!