Mr. Logan Stout’s IDLife Enters Into A Strategic Wellness And Health Partnership With Garmin

One of the world’s leading companies that provide wearable device technology known as Garmin International Inc., has entered into a strategic collaboration with the rapidly expanding wellness and Health Company known as IDLife. All the customers of IDLife will from June 1, 2017, be able to make their purchases of the Garmin IndexTM Smart Scale and the vivo activities of Garmin’s line through The customers will now manage the milestones of their journeys of health and wellness from one place to the other through the integration of all wearable devices in the IDWellness mobile app.

IDLife is a company that provides customers all over the country with the chance to access the nutritional and vitamin products of the highest quality. The stages through which people can achieve fitness is prescribed in a three-step program that if correctly followed brings lasting benefits. So the new partnership with Garmin will give a variety of options through which the customers can experience a healthy living throughout their life and not just for months. The two companies partnered because of their shared belief that healthy lifestyles go far beyond watching one’s weight on the scales alone. With more than ten years of experience in wearable device expertise, the new company will be able to provide its customers with customized services tailored to meet their needs.

Logan Stout is an accomplished entrepreneur, business owner, philanthropist, and a best-selling author. He is also a leadership trainer and keynote speaker. Throughout his career, he has accumulated millions in revenue in many ventures such as Dallas Patriotic Inc., Premier Baseball Academy, and the Founder of To many people who have personal or professional problems, Mr. Logan offers many satisfying solutions through his life-coaching programs. The company provides many individuals with an opportunity to understand how success can come about in the contemporary world. He is competent in training people and institutions on how to identify the ingredients that can make them use their God-given potentials to bring meaning into their lives. Mr. Stout acquired a degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. He has also studied the field of business extensively.