Fabletics Gets More Recognition With More Celebrity Appeal

Fabletics is bringing in as much as $250 million. JustFab is a company that has been valued as a billion dollar company. It is evident that these companies are part of the evolution of e-commerce that has taken the world by storm. Millions are dollars are being made in clothing for women, and Fabletics is the front runner that people have their eyes on right now.


People are going to embrace the new line that Kate Hudson has brought forth because she is marketing it herself. There are other people that endorsed clothing lines, but most celebrities are simply out to collect a check. Kate Hudson is definitely getting paid for her role at Fabletics, but she is not just another hired hand that is trying to promote a brand that she doesn’t care about. She has a lot of love for Fabletics and the customers that patronize her. That is why she is always working on establishing new clothes and new partnerships like the one that she started with Demi Lovato.


Bringing new celebrities under the Fabletics Umbrella is something that has been talking about, but the partnership with Demi Lovato was still unexpected. People did not know that she would become someone that was going to help build his brand. Granted this “Confidence” brand that Demi Lovato is marketing through Fabletics is only a limited time brand, but it is a partnership that gets the attention of lots of young women. All of the proceeds go to a charitable cause, and Demi Lovato is promoting the brand through all of her social media accounts.


This does volume in terms of advertising for Demi Lovato. It also makes Fabletics much more accessible to a wider range of consumers. People that don’t know anything about the brand may certainly become familiar with Fabletics now because Lovato is on board. Kate Hudson could even utilize Fabletics to help Demi Lovato launch her own clothing line. That is just how much Kate Hudson has put into marketing this brand. She believes wholeheartedly that women are going to be impressed with the lineup of clothes that she has brought to the market. She also believes that there is a lot of room for growth when she looks back at the early beginnings of Fabletics. She realized that she started small online, but now she is opening 100 new stores in the next several years.