Doe Deere: A Bright Visionary

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the cult favorite beauty company Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a cruelty free company, meaning they are vegan friendly and do not test on animals. This, however, is only part of the reason Lime Crime stands out as a beauty company.

The company is largely based online– the products are just recently beginning to find their way into stores. It is one of the first beauty companies to be available primarily via their website. It was believed among skeptics that this would not work out, as many believed consumers liked to be able to touch and test beauty products before buying. Doe Deere, however, took the gamble, and it has payed off immensely.

This is probably also due to yet another reason this company stands out; their bright and vibrant color palette. Doe Deere affectionately refers to her followers as ‘unicorns’, and this alludes to the playful and fun nature of the products her company sells. One product, in fact, is called Unicorn Hair Dye and is available in 16 bright shades, from strawberry pink to an ash gray. The pigmented line became a brainchild when Doe Deere was working as a seamstress. It was almost born out of necessity as she had a hard time finding the vivid make up she needed to complete a look.

Bright color is key not only to the success of Lime Crime, but to Doe Deere personally, as well. While describing her morning make up ritual, Doe Deere states that putting on blush and lipstick is her favorite part of her routine as it allows her to add color to her face. She also discusses how putting on her make up is one of her favorite parts of her day, not just because it allows her to be colorful and creative, but because it also allows her to spend time with herself. As the CEO of a massively successful company, she is usually attached to her phone working on emails, staying in touch with her fan base through Instagram, and communicating with her team via an open online chat. Her morning routine provides her time with herself as well as time to be creative which is what being the founder of a company requires! This alone time can be limited as once Doe Deere gets into the office she can be pulled any which way to help out her company. This includes helping out with marketing, working on new products, or working on new ideas with her Chief Creative Officer. There may never be a dull moment for the CEO of Lime Crime, but it’s all to bring her loyal Unicorns the best products.