How Does End Citizens United Change The Landscape Of Elections?

I have helped End Citizens United many times over the past year as they try to change campaign finance laws. They have a noble pursuit that I want to be a part of, and I know that this foundation will do things for the people of America that Congress will not do. They are trying to raise money to bring their message to everyone, and I am very impressed with the way they have done this. This article explains how the organization hopes to take big money out of government and elections.


#1: The Fundraising Concerns


I have helped at a few events, and we are trying to raise more than the $4 million that will change minds through education and advocacy. We have a goal that is at $35 million, and I am willing to work quite hard to help us raise all that money. I am much happier with the work we have done simply because we are helping all Americans, and I know that people who learn from End Citizens United will have their eyes opened.


#2: The Law Changes


The law must change if big money will get out of elections, and we will all find that there are too many donors. They give money knowing that they may buy government influence, and I want to see a change in the way we allow people to run for office. We must give elections back to people who are not necessarily wealthy, and we must allow for elections to be easier to contest for someone who comes from nowhere.


#3: News Online


I have shared quite a lot of news I found online, and I have found that many people who read these articles are impressed to find that End Citizens United has all this information. There are many articles I post that shock people because they did not realize how corrupt the government is, and we have had good conversations about why things are the way they are. Money that was paid to win an election often continues after the election because it buys privilege, and we must put a stop to this. I hope that this changes America for my children and grandchildren.


There are many different people who are searching for ways to help change the laws of the land, and we will begin to finance elections in a new way using the help of End Citizens United. They will ensure that all special interests are stopped, and they will provide a platform that allows us all to put a stop to the wealthiest people in the country controlling every office. Normal people may run for office again, and they will be pleased to see America change.