Mike Baur: Swiss Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur goes through a series of ups and downs. It’s rare that a true entrepreneur starts off strong and finishes strong. Despite the huge odds, that’s exactly what Mike Baur did. A graduate of Bern University with an additional business degree from the University of Rochester, Baur achieved what many only dream about.

His first day in the workforce was different from anything anyone else had experienced. He’s always had a natural gift for finance, so it only made sense to join the banking industry. His first day at a Union Bank of Switzerland, the hiring managed listed every promotion he expected Baur to achieve before retirement.

Baur didn’t come close to achieving that expectation. He achieved numerous promotions, but he left UBS long before retiring age. He wasn’t even 30 when he joined another bank, Clariden Leu. He worked for Clariden for six years before losing all interest in banking.

In 2014, Mike co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. The incubator program targets young tech entrepreneurs with promising startups. Every new enterprise participates in the company’s Accelerator Program, a three-month program that provides them with all the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in business. More promising startups get additional support.

A lot of that support is encouragement. Yes, the select qualifying enterprises also get financial aid, but SSUF wants these companies to succeed on their own right. That’s why they encourage these enterprises to compete in pitching contests. They’re a great way to get funding and a great place to start networking.

Though he dedicates much of his time to SSUF, Mike Baur also works with other companies that are partners of SSUF. So far, his finance skills and creative attracted partners like CTI Invest and BV4. They’ve all collaborated on events like Swiss Startup Day.

In an interview, Baur talked about what makes Swiss Startup Factory great. For a start, it’s independent of other businesses and political organizations. This means that they can act on any opportunity without facing penalty or limitations from an outside force. They’re also able to achieve better results because they’re financially invested in their startups.

Mike Baur is an excellent role model for every young entrepreneur that comes to SSUF. He chose a life of satisfaction over a lucrative career as a boring banker.