Human Rights Activist Groups Addressing Immigrant Rights

Human rights infringement is an issue that still plagues the 21st-century society. Some may look away from these incidents as they happen while others will bring them up with the hope of addressing them. Human rights activist groups have been in existence over the past several years. The primary purpose of these groups is to bring about equal treatment of persons both at home and in the workplace.

Over the years, these activist groups have become increasingly vocal on the issue of infringement of both a human right and civil rights. The primary aim of human rights groups is the sensitization of the public onto why they need to adhere to human and civil rights.

These organizations and groups promote the humane treatment of people while also ensuring that perpetrators who abuse these are punished as per the constitutions of the various jurisdictions these offenses occur. Below are some of the most popular and vocal human rights organizations and groups. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

Coalition For Humane Immigrant Rights

The Coalition For Humane Immigrant Rights has its base in California. The primary objective this organization has been to create an all-round society in which individuals both native and foreign are treated equally and with respect. The group hopes to develop an all-inclusive community that respects both the rights and freedoms of indigenous and international communities.

As early as 1986, The Collation For Humane Immigrant Rights has been straightforward in addressing the challenges faced by immigrants and other groups of individuals. Thanks to the effort they have put in sensitizing and educating the public on the need of an inclusive society and country at large, The Coalition For Humane Immigrant Rights is celebrated not only in California but across America.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are American journalists from Phoenix, Arizona. The two were arrested under the order of the local county sheriff. The reason for their arrest was publishing a story on the local daily about the sheriff. It is known that the Maricopa sheriff had been racially profiling citizens of Arizona.

Following their arrest, the Larkin and Lacey’s constitutional first amendment rights were violated, so they sued the county. After winning the case, they were offered a settlement close to $4 million. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have used their settlement to start up a fund that will be used for addressing human and immigrant rights across the state of Arizona.

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