Alexandre Gama Has A Strong Influence In Brazilian Advertising

The career of Alexandre Gama has been characterized by a rising level of success until he reached the apex of Brazilian advertising. His accomplishments and awards are exceptional and lengthy as befits his storied career which is still having an impact today.

He has had a large voice in helping to shape Brazilian culture with his award-winning advertising campaigns and the company that he founded called Neogama.

Alexandre Gama was the first Brazilian to lead BBH the London-based network of advertising agencies. He was the most awarded copywriter of his generation when he worked for DM9 where he was also a Creative Director. Under his leadership at Neogama, they became the first agency to win a Lions Award in their first year of existence. These are just a sampling of his awards and accomplishments but they are indicative of his great influence in Brazilian media and communications.

One singular award which puts a spotlight on Alexandre Gama is his high ranking from a distinguished panel of 250 professionals in Brazilian publicity. He was singled out as one of the top seven figures in the history of advertising in Brazil. About Magazine was the sponsor of this research and its publisher.


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