Betsy DeVos Cares About Students of All Types

Since Betsy DeVos cares about students who are from all backgrounds and who have all types of lifestyles, she knew it would be important for them to feel comfortable while they were at school. She championed for students around the country to make sure they felt comfortable and confident in the school they were in. She also knew students had to feel like they were a part of something important if they were going to continue to go to school in the area they were in. No matter what a student is like, Betsy DeVos feels they should be taken care of. They need to be the priority in a school setting in every way possible. Betsy DeVos knows it is her job to make sure she can protect the students so they don’t have to feel left out in the schools they are in.


Because Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education, she feels it is part of her job to protect students. One of the things she did not want to happen was the transgender bathroom rules to be overturned. Despite being a conservative, Betsy DeVos actually wanted the bill to stay in place. With it, she felt students who identified as a different gender would be able to feel comfortable while they were in school. All of that goes back to the fact she just wants students to feel like they belong in a place where they have to spend hours upon hours every day.


Since Betsy DeVos was doing this, she knew it would be her responsibility to help students get the advocate they needed. She was prepared to be that advocate and to help others with the issues they would typically have while they were in school. She also knew students who came from less fortunate backgrounds, who were members of minority groups and who did not identify as a traditional gender would need all the advocacy they could get from the people who would be capable of actually making a difference in their lives.


In addition to working as an advocate for children, Betsy DeVos has spent the majority of her life working as a philanthropist. She believes strongly in the power of philanthropy which is what has given her the chance to help people get the opportunities they need. It is also part of what has made her life so good while she is helping other people. Betsy DeVos likes to participate in things that will help students, she likes to bring improvements to the school system and she likes people to have the same chances she had in her past. All of these things have made her the great educational leader she is today.


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